Child Rights Helpdesk website

Legal assistance to children on the move in Europe

The children’s rights helpdesk provides individual legal assistance to children, their parents, lawyers and other professionals acting in cases involving children. Legal advisors working at the children’s rights helpdesk are lawyers specialised in children’s rights. They immediately take action when the rights of children are –at risk to be – violated: they give legal advice and/or information by phone or by e-mail, and provide legal support by writing children’s rights reports. These reports contain information about the individual circumstances of the child concerned, its interests and rights affected by the outcome of the asylum- and immigration procedure.

When can you refer a case to the children’s rights helpdesk?

If you think children’s rights are violated, please contact the children’s rights helpdesk or recommend the child, his family, lawyer or any other person involved to contact the children’s rights helpdesk themselves.

The children’s rights helpdesk in the Netherlands can be contacted by:
• Phone: +31 715 16 09 80
• E-mail: